Wednesday , 22 November 2017

Sherry Ward wins “World’s Easiest March Bracket Contest”

Sherry Ward (center) won $300 in the “The World’s Easiest March Bracket Contest” on WTTF and two of our sister stations! Sherry was matched with North Carolina during the Men’s College Basketball Tournament and won the top prize!

To Sherry’s left is Jon Kerns with BAS Broadcasting and to her right is Alex Bibler, a manager with Buffalo Wild Wings in Tiffin.

Kathy Holcomb of Fremont won $100 since Gonzaga was the runner-up. Maureen Steinberger (Oregon) of Fremont and Joey Goodman (South Carolina) of Tiffin each won $50 for making the semi-finals.

Congratulations and thanks for signing up!




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