Friday , 31 October 2014

National News

Ebola Cases Near 14,000, WHO Says

The number of cases in the current Ebola outbreak neared 14,000, the WHO said, even as it suggested the rate of new infections in one of the hardest hit countries was slowing. Read More »

Australia Proposes Data Laws

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The Australian government introduced new laws aimed at forcing phone companies and Internet-service providers to store customer-usage information for at least two years, defying critics who say snooping by intelligence agencies has already gone too far. Read More »

Border Heats Up as Iraqi Kurds Approach Syria

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Iraqi Kurd forces arrived in Turkey en route to reinforce a Kurdish militia battling Islamic State militants in the Syrian city of Kobani, a ground intervention that will be the first by a Western-backed foreign force since the Syrian conflict began. Read More »

NATO Tracks Russian Air Activity

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Russian military aircraft conducted aerial maneuvers around Europe this week on a scale seldom seen since the end of the Cold War, prompting NATO jets to scramble in another sign of how raw East-West relations have grown. Read More »