Friday , 24 October 2014

National News

Why Stretching Is a Waste of Time for Runners

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — After years of nursing a perpetual hip injury, 48-year-old Amanda Loudin finally stopped doing the one thing she always believed would help her the most: Stretching. Once she abandoned her post-run stretch session, she said her hip started feeling better. “I always assumed stretching was part of the solution for my running injuries,” said Loudin, a Baltimore ... Read More »

Two Senators Forced to Work Together to Survive on Deserted Island

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ABC News(WASHINGTON) — What if, instead of duking it out on the floors of the House and Senate in contentious debates and late-night filibusters, the historically divided United States Congress was forced to work together to fulfill certain basic, primal needs — say, gathering food and resources to share on a deserted island? On a new show, two senators from ... Read More »